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Probate Made Simple For You and Your Clients

Easily educate and inform your clients while reducing menial tasks and increasing profits


What Does Simple Probate Do?

01. Time-Saving

From day one Simple Probate provides a structured set up for probate cases that usually takes solicitors decades to build. You can up-skill junior staff and increase productivity of experienced solicitors so your firm can take on more cases. A detailed checklist and estate overview helps executors quickly provide their solicitor with everything they need.

02. Client-Centric

Intuitive guides and templates to help educate your clients on what probate is, what is expected of them, and how you can help. Simple Probate provides the right information at the right time ensuring clients feel supported. 

03. Increase profits

Simple probate automates menial tasks such as data gathering and document & form generation, freeing solicitors to take on more work, focus on getting great outcomes for their clients and increasing profit margins.

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Empower Your Practice

At Simple Probate, we are building tools for probate solicitors to quickly onboard and educate their clients on the probate process, minimise time spent on menial tasks like emailing and document generation, and provide a clear and intuitive interface for them and their clients to work with and communicate throughout their case. Improving client relations and driving profit margins

We reduce the time it takes to successfully attain the grant of probate.

UK Solicitor 

“It’s definitely the future, I’m really excited that technology and Simple Probate is catching up with the probate area”

Executor of a Will

"This would have been fantastic to have during my probate process”

Irish Solicitor

“I think it's great, does what I thought it was going to do and has potential to do even more”


Our Story

Founded in 2024 by a team from law, legal tech, and startups, Simple Probate was inspired by our founder's experience with probate inefficiencies. Talking to solicitors and executors highlighted the need to streamline tasks, boost efficiency, and improve client communication.

Our Mission

At Simple Probate, our mission is to streamline probate for solicitors with innovative solutions and an intuitive interface that enhances client communication and alignment. We simplify legal tasks, empowering solicitors to deliver the best client experience and outcome.

Our Vision

Our vision at Simple Probate is to revolutionize probate with innovative technology, making it seamless and efficient. We aim to strengthen client-solicitor relationships and set the standard for excellence in legal tech.

Our Team.

Meet our team! We have extensive experience working in law firms, building tech in fast growing start-ups, legal tech, sales, and leading customer success teams. Our passion for probate comes from direct experience which sparked a fire in us to build tech that helps everyone.

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